Monday, August 17, 2009

Yang Terakhir....


Sekali lagi datang lagi...
entah itu apa-pun yang benar tak terduga...
mulai dari kedatangan-mu sampe kepergian-mu...
banyak hal yang telah terjadi sejak itu, yang mungkin kau takkan pernah tahu....

"...'Cause you're such a burden
but you're the weight above my shoulders
'Cause even though I'm hurting
it still feels like it's time I'm growing
When I thought that we'd grow up and grow together the same time
guess I passed you by at that old "Stop" sign..."

kata2 diatas mungkin benar....
Qt bertemu kemudian berpisah, karena mungkin memang kita tak sejalan...
kupikir dulu kau itu sama---ato se-enggak2nya se-visi
Ternyata kita berbeda....

Kau benar2 jauh....
aQ takut untuk mengenalmu lagi, takut akan semua ilusi-mu
takut akan semua Bayangan maya-mu
Benarkah?. apakah memang ini yang kau inginkan dariku?...

untuk kemudian pergi dari hadapanmu...dan membiarkan rasa itu hanya jadi impian-ku?

"...All of the times
I used to cry
Because You would let me down
I'm losing time
I shoulda tried
A little more to be around
But You didn't know that I was hurting
You were just to blind
Only thing I know for certain
Another you I'll never find..."

hanya kata2 itu yang mungkin bisa ku-ucapkan.....untuk-mu...

"You make me do this, thing i'll never thought i could do...Only you can answer my question...."

"If you want me to leave, wouldnt it better for you to ask?".
Im gonna leave all your life, I'll never show my pony-tail in front of you, not even a single slight will.
I Will erase all your "print" in me...., Yeah, you should know it would be better if you said "I Hate You and want you to leave my life". Rather than gimme a simple yet stupid thing for my tiny brain?



"If I begged and if I cried
Would it change the sky tonight?
Will it give me some light?
Should I wait for you to call?
Is there any hope at all?
Are you drifting by...

When I think about it
I know that I was never there Or even cared
The more I think about it
The less that I was able to share With you
I try to reach you, can almost feel you
You're nearly here
And then, You disappear..."

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