Sunday, March 22, 2009


OKe..skrg mi gon tell u sum friends of mine....hehehe LOL

they are people that recently came n changed my life, they r my friends in work also including mi-boss n his wife.

1. Starting with THe Boss 'n his wife too
diz person(mi-bozz) used to say...Kenapa? Kok bisa?..instead of finding the solution bout the prob' he kept on asking us...this probably the thing that made me got lil bit tempered...but he also gives us courage to step forward. Iam saluting him for this, he just sumhow can make us (his employees) become much do i tell u...ummm....tickling maybe...hahahahaha. coz he said that in a funny way...LOLz...

2. "Mr.HOP"
Just dont get mistaken, HOP here means we used to call him, its a word he used to say when theres too much customer around n they were asked him at the same time. At that moment he will incidentally said HOP..which means STOP gimme a sec,,,okay lets do this one by one...(diz makes me laugh everytime i think bout this). Oyeah he's also Guy with lot of mystery inside...we still know lil thing bout him, he kept all his secret himself...though we tried to revealed it all....hahahaha...Naughty us

3. PaIjo
Maybe those word could tell u what i means....this guy was freakin Crazy, Lotz of....
He's the one whose got no point for a shame, he's the one who got no guts with rulez...diz made me thinking when he has to ride me home...Guys..we all know that the police was all around n riding with this guy hmmmm....make ur heart beating dum...dum...dum...coz he got no rule in street, red lamp was equal with green. Hmmmm cud u dare to ride with him? give 'em call then hehehehe...

4. UbeLL...ZanuE..Or din_din
Its up to u what to called him, dunno y he got those nicknames...But one thing for sure..this person is Well skilled on computer, no wonder he used to work in this section for a year...BUt he also a thingy vocab person. i knew "Micek" n lot of those strange quoutation from this guy...the word he used to say is..."Opo Yo..??"...Or the favorite words of all "TEL..TEL...."..Just look at the picture n describe him by urself...hahahahaha. HE also loves n maniac with shinichi kudo...detective conan-ever watch that of course?.
maybe he obsessed with him

5. Tawie...New Real
He was ubell's twins..?wtf? twins? yeah twins from head to heart..not know ubell, you know tawie...yeah, he's the youngest crew in here. bcoz of that he used to be all the way so childish....he's freakin crazy bout big bike..when the big bike shown up-its time for him to show off, he will taken a photo of him riding that bike no matter whos got the bike...hehehehe....

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