Monday, August 17, 2009

My Future???

Im Confused with what iam doin
Lotz of people Coming n passin' by
My Life was different since that
Im getting so mischievous bout Me, Bout ID

When I think back bout me in the past
LOLz....I see a Lil boy with childish thought
a Boy who used to say Iam instead of Me
a boy who is so fucking naughty..
who got no guts bout polite, ethics or else

but iam so missing that moment,
when i can do naughty things without afraid of being mad
when i can gi get around anywhere i like

I realize now, when i look back in the mirror
iam not again who i used to be
i was sumhow different
i began to unrecognized myself
I began To afraid facing the world
It aint what i wanna be
Iam so confused...

What am i gonna be for the next 5 years
Am i still gonna be this silly boy? or am i gonna be mature enough
For Just pulling up my pants?
1 thing i had for sure, i shudnt give up now
i had to obtain my dream
i had to ensure myself that i can b whatever i wanna be
nothing gonna stands against me
I had to Pull it Out all it takes Just to be

Yeah I had to Made up my mind
sumday iam gonna be Me....

"Just Chase Ur dream coz Life was built by Dream....that had to b realized..."

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