Monday, August 17, 2009

My PaSsEd AwaY Notes......

To My bro :

sumday when im not again on ur side
will u take over my position?
sumday when im no longer able to stay
will u keep our family together
sumday when im not again be the guidance for our lil sis
will u show her the way?

i knew u cud do it
i knew u cud handle it
i knew u can seize every problem
i knew u can walk thru the line
i knew u can think beyond me
......u just need to grow a lil bit more
then u'll be maturer......

i know u have ur own world
u have ur own fantasy of dream
u have a land of ur creation
u have to achieve all ur dream
but remember to stay in ur faith.....
u have GOD...n Family

be A Leader.....n follow ur dream

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