Monday, August 17, 2009

Note For Me

Have u ever said to urself?
That U were now grown-up?
That U were now couldnt act as a kid anymore?
That U have to face ur Probz all alone?
That U shudnt have to be so selfish?

Have U ever Look at ur face In the Mirror?
That U werent same as how u used to be?
Have u prepared all the things?
Have u Ready to face the worst possibilty?
for even Death?

Cmon b wise, u know u cud face it, so stop running away from all u scared of
it wasnt all ur fault, people may made a mistakes
but dont be so cruel by saying u were all the truth....
Thru ur POV maybe u were rite, but in fact there's lot of POVs
n urs wasnt always rite......

U can say Its all ur life Journey
U may take all the goodness and bad
both on the same time

But 1 thing U had to kept on ur mind
"Just dont lying to urself, if u were lying how cud b honest to others?..."

"A note that wasnt so Important made by a stupid tremendous yet a stubborn n selfish boy....."

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