Monday, June 21, 2010

How to repair - Limited or No connectivity

Are you experiencing an error message " Limited or No connectivity "

Once you see this message, there are 2 possibilities

1. You can connect to Internet

2. You cannot connect to Internet

Both ways go for the following steps to solve the problem.

Start > Control Panel, look for " Network Connections " and Double click it.

You will be able to see Local Area Connection (It is possible that there is more than one icon, in that case choose the one with " Limited or no connectivity ")

- Right click & Take properties
- Select Internet Protocol [TCP/ IP] & click " Properties "
- Choose " Use the the following IP address " and " Use the following DNS server addresses " and insert the values. Click OK.
- Click OK in the Local Area Connection Properties

Note: klo g tw dns-nya coba isi aja
dns di atas berasal dari

Now you will find the error message has vanished. If not please restart you system and modem to find the connection to be ok. 

Kalo mw pake program donlod ini

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